Connections is a robust technology that brings all the service providers in your region or state together in one simple place.  There are lots of ways for entrepreneurs to find what they need at Connections; map it, keyword search it, pick from a list, or even chat up a business expert.  Easy. Fast. Efficient.

Once you have a chance to learn more about Connections, we would love to chat.  Visit our staff page and give one of us a call for more information on how you can leverage Connections for your entrepreneur community.

We Know Entrepreneurs

Talk to an entrepreneur and they will not hesitate to tell you how hard it is to access capital, technical assistance, and the other resources and services needed to start or expand a business in your state. They search one website then another -and yet still another- and often come away frustrated and empty handed. Where’s the one stop shop stuff when you need it?  We got this one.

Making it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to find what they need-when they need it-is the impetus behind Connections.  Click a county map and watch service providers pop up, with photos, web addresses, personal statements, and more; basically everything your entrepreneurs need to make an informed decision about that resource, all in one simple place.  Of course, you can do a keyword search for that local small business development center consultant John who’s last name you can’t remember too, or pick a category and scan a list; it’s all doable for the entrepreneur searching for help at Connections.

We Know Service Providers

Connections takes key information about your program, organization, and staff expertise and posits it into an interactive database that does more than ‘list stuff’.  Your service providers share their data and expertise one time, then have the ability to easily update and change it whenever they need to.  We give you the chance to really make an impression at Connections; share your social media links or post a statement of personal expertise along with your website, email, and phone number(s).  Drop in your photo and your organization’s logo too!  All connections service providers have access to their own information and can update or pull reports anytime.  Get connected with small business in your state with Connections!


Connections User Module

This module is a separate user interface from your website, but still easily connected via a link or screenshot. Once you use connections you will see just how robust and interactive this full screen technology is for the entrepreneur.  Easily search by county, person, program, organization, zoom, map click, or filter and see full contact details.  Getting to the resource needed is easier than ever.


Connections Administration

Let us show you how to build and maintain this amazing database.  With user login, each service provider added, can login to this backend and update their own organization, programs, and people.  Easily find referral resources when entrepreneurs contact you directly.  Used more often than not in conjunction with the Business Concierge, the backend of Connections is in the same place as the backend of the Business Concierge so you can make your high-quality referrals or provide services and track your client interactions in one place!  Check out the Business Concierge page for more info on how these two modules work together for maximum results.