Welcome to MyEntre.Net

MyEntre.Net is a network of resources and services designed to attract, connect, and educate small businesses and start-ups with online business assistance, capital, and their peers.  Nearly 12,000 small business owners are currently engaged with MyEntre.Net resources each year.  Contact us to learn more about how you can bring these award winning economic development programs to your area.

The MyEntre.Net team philosophy is to listen to small business owners, imagine what we can do to make life better, and to create solutions leveraging our university and technology assets. Annually, we evaluate how we’ve done in terms of economic impact, user experiences, and popularity. We have learned how to better understand entrepreneurs through online interactions, an e-mail listserv, statewide annual survey, regional workshops and outreach events, and EntreFest!, a traveling statewide conference.

MyEntre.Net is a program of the University of Northern Iowa and part of UNI Business & Community Services.  Visit our history page to learn more about the evolution of MyEntre.Net and the economic impact of our programs.